Find Perfect Place to Get Cartoon Vectors

If you would like to attach a cartoon vector to your website, then is the right place to come to. Here they have free vectors ready to be downloaded and utilized wherever the web designer believes it is the best. Anyway, if you are not sure yet that a cartoon vector is the best thing for you, then in the following lines you will find out why this will suit your web page.

40 Unique and Amazing Examples of Brochure Design

Brochures are the age old medium of advertising an enterprise for reaching out to the niche clients. Since a brochure of a company represents a company itself, it needs to be really trendy and at the same time have a professional look. Brochures contain synopsis of the vital facts about the company, the services it provides to the prospective clients and also the achievements and benchmark that the enterprise has set in this field. Therefore, it needs to be attractive and have the right brochure printing,so that the readers opt for the services it provides.

10 Best Classifieds Website Designs

Classified websites are the best and cheap ways to promote your local or internet business. They play vital role when it comes to local business allowing you to sell anything ranging from books to furniture to vehicles. Best part is many websites allow free classified ads posting providing you all the features. You can add few more value added services like highlighting your ad in the list or pushing it up by paying some premium amount.

I got an order to design a simple classifieds kind of website for a web designs market place, thus i had a look at all the popular classified website design for an idea. So though it would be useful for you as well in the near future. Here am listing 10 best design in my view

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE WordPress and use it whenever I can. One of the reasons I love WordPress so much is all the useful plugins that make running a blog or website easy. I have been using WordPress for a long time now and have setup countless blogs.

Every time I set up a blog there are plugins that I keep using time and time again because they are so useful. Below is a list of the best free WordPress plugins every blog should have installed.

Set Up, Manage and Promote Your Online Store with Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that includes everything you need to sell products and accept credit card orders. One thing that sets it apart from many other products is its e-commerce blog feature, which allows you to promote your products easily and effectively through regular blog posts. This software is loaded with a dizzying array of features. Some of the most notable examples are highlighted below.

E-Commerce Website Templates


Windows 8 Professional giveaway



                          Windows 8 Professional giveaway





Just  follow process to participate in the contest:

webdesigndispatch being an official partner of Microsoft is giving away a free copy of Windows 8 to one of its lucky readers. The process to get is very simple and straight forward. Here are the simple steps to get an entry into the lucky draw.

  • Like our Page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Plus us on Google+ (If you are already our fan then skip this step).
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Here are a few terms and conditions. The winner will be chosen randomly by our social media team. We will deliver the DVD of Windows 8 along with Key to our readers in Pakistan. For readers outside Pakistan we will arrange an alternate way to provide the Windows 8 media. Last date to enter into the lucky draw is Nov 8th 2012.

So don’t wait; like, follow or plus us and then share as much as you can. You may be the one who gets his/her copy of Windows 8 before it hit the shelves of your local market. And yes, you won’t have to pay anything for it.

60 Amazing Geological Photographs

Geology is the science that studies the ground, the composition, structure, properties, and history of physical matter of the planet, and the processes by which it is formed, moved, changed and known as the geological activities. Taking pictures of geological activities is an effective method to document them. This is a great deal of knowledge source if you are a scientist, inspiration if you’re an artist, to the enjoyment if you are a fan of photography.

Since this is a science that focuses on nature, natural objects and their properties, it is exciting enough for most photographers to capture a beautiful scene in their cameras, and here is the result of this. Have fun!

The Perfect Device for any Web Designer

Fujitsu lifebook or any similar concept will be the next revolution in the gadget industry. I am sure, and features of this prototype sustain perfectly this statement. There is no risk or just a feeling, it’s about logical deduction.

Cloud Reality Check Infographics

An infographic designed  by Rackspace UK reveals that IT teams spend average of 912 Man hours every year in troubleshooting the servers. Its a clear cut calculation that, it can be outsourced to experts by spend much lesser than what business they are loosing.

35 Interesting Info graphics for Web Designers and Developers

Infographics are visual representations of graphical information, data or knowledge.Infographics simplifies complex information and make it easier to understand. Graphics have been designed not only to look good, but also to expose as much information and data as possible. These graphics were made by some very talented designers with creative minds and skills.

There are many interesting and cool graphics on various topics. In this post, we have compiled impressive graphics that are of interest for designers and Web developers.

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